A concerned family.

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My wife's name is Natasha, a beautiful girl 35 years old, height 165 weight 50, Chest 2.5, red hair petite beauty.. I've always liked to dress provocatively, frankly, and frankly, I liked watching guys fuck her with their eyes. To relax, she bought a whole set of revealing swimsuits and outfits when I saw them, I gasped, the swimwear is miniature and very provocative slightly covering a clean-shaven pussy. After we checked in, we decided to go sunbathing and swim in the sea, Natasha put on a turquoise mini bikini swimsuit and threw transparent robes on top. When we came to the beach and Natasha took off her dressing gowns, I noticed that a lot of men were watching her, she immediately went to the sea to swim, I lay and watched who was watching Natasha there were many of them.
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I have been married to Elvira for twenty-five years. Of course, over the years we have gone through many problems and joys. In our sexual life, I also had to go through everything. First love and sex with your girlfriend. The pain of betrayal and doubt. And in the end, the realization that staying with my beloved means accepting her infidelities and accepting the role of a cuckold. The story that I will tell today happened when my then-girlfriend and I were 25 years old. While having sex with my wife, we often told each other about our sexual fantasies and dreams. One Sunday morning, lying in bed, Elvira told me that she had had sex with my brother in a dream. After listening to my wife's story about what she did with Igor, I just smiled. - You know, but Igor is still a virgin. - Oh, really!? Elvira was surprised, propping herself up on her elbow and looking at me. - And what is it?, I asked in turn. "I've never seduced a young virgin before," my wife winked at me. - Would you like to? I asked, imagining my wife in the arms of her brother. - Well, if you would allow it, Elvira moaned thoughtfully, putting her hand on my penis and stroking it. - Yes, you will not succeed, I grinned.
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My wife had already undressed, approached me, slowly climbed on top of me, put her lips close to my ear and whispered: "Why are you so jealous, you fool, I love you." Well, just think, the men admired me a little, well, they felt me in some places... - Where did they feel me? I whispered back, " Go on, don't stop.".. My cock was growing before my eyes. "Honey, you're going to kill me.".. His wife's whisper was charming and maddening. "Come on, honey, am I a fool?" Well, I really won't be angry. I was wildly aroused and barely breathed in anticipation of something new, forbidden, sinful. "I was a little drunk, you know, and it's so hot in here, I got carried away. "Don't tell me what else happened." I almost begged my wife to share the intimate details of the evening. - In general, the balcony is not as bright as in the hall, the guys were smoking there, so they sat me on my knees, someone took me by the waist, someone higher. I heard so many different compliments. I was poured cognac, I relaxed so cool that I didn't even notice how someone weighed my breasts, walked over my nipples and began to slowly kiss my neck. "Where was I?" "You?" You enthusiastically showed someone our new TV and touted its advantages. - You were groped and kissed at that moment. Just think... Uh, so they took me by the waist and by the tits?
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A concerned family.

I did not understand in my childhood all the strange things that happened next to me.As a child I lay with my mother and pressed my naked body against her every now and then I felt tremors as if my mother was pushing me and behind her my beloved daddy was moaning and fluttering.All this action ended with loud exclamations and sometimes loud laughter.I constantly felt the warm hands of my dad on me who stroked me everywhere a little pinching and touching my pussy with a finger which made me feel good and a sweet shiver ran all over my body.I didn't realize at that age what was going on and what they were doing.

At the age of seven I was already sleeping alone on a bed in the same room with my brother who was five years older than me and always took the lead because my parents were mostly busy with work and other adult activities thereby giving us complete freedom and promiscuity in relation to each other. In the summer, Vovka invited me to sleep under the awning, where he made a cozy room with a wide shield instead of a bed made with mattresses and bedspreads.
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