How to learn Voodoo magic.

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VOODOO magic-rituals.

Rituals at home
Voodoo rituals are easy to perform, and the reaction to witchcraft occurs in the shortest possible time. Finding a real sorcerer, especially away from the African continent, is a difficult task, so the call began to be carried out at home.

The magic of the Voodoo tradition is fraught with risk and danger, both for the performer and for the object of manipulation. Rituals should be performed according to clear rules:

Picked up the Voodoo ritual must be performed exactly without any deviations and proactive supplements.
Spells should be read in a low voice, it is desirable that the text from the workshop was learned.
When performing a magic rite, no outsiders should be present.
Prepare for the ritual-hair should be let down, jewelry removed.
To raise money
The practice of Voodoo spells to attract money is the most common in the 21st century. You can perform the ritual with a saucer, forty small non-Church candles, 5 yellow coins, white thread, chalk and a handkerchief.
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Spells and rituals of voodoo magic will reveal amazing secrets.

A voodoo shaman believes in the existence of spirits. He is able to communicate with them, share experiences, and call for their rituals. Every mage-shaman has his Patron spirit and Helper Spirits. A magician is so powerful that he can create Spirits himself. At the head of everything is the Cult of the Ancestors. They talk to people from the afterlife, help, advise. Can at the request of the sorcerer go to a great distance and show him what he wants. The ancestors whisper ancient secrets in the shaman's ear. In ancient times, the practice of voodoo produced powerful talismans, amulets that were bought by pirates for their dangerous journeys. Shamans were able to bring people back from their dead. For this purpose, a very complex ritual was performed. The world of the dead gives great power to those who can turn to it.

Magic is not possible without rites. Voodoo is characterized by creating volts to work with.

Volt-a doll that represents a person. To give it a real connection, you need to use something that belongs to that person. Suitable for these purposes:

nails, teeth;
piece of skin;
for some rituals part of a person's clothing;
talismans, amulets.
The volt is created from wax. To do this, you need natural wax without impurities. The wax melts on the fire, and then a doll is molded in the shape of a person.
To enhance the effect, the wax is mixed with:

blood or saliva of a mage;
ritual plants: sage, cactus juice, St. John's wort;
the ashes of a deceased, possibly another mage.
The face is shown schematically. If there is hair, it is attached to the head. For sexual bindings and love spells, the doll's genitals are added.
Spells voodoo traditions
Any plot is aimed at awakening a person. The magic of any rite appeals to him. To do this, you need to pronounce special spells.

Everyone can attract good luck. To do this, you will have to make your own volt. Add a few drops of your blood to the wax, attach a lock of your hair to the doll's head. Hands are made with open palms.
For the ritual, you must prepare:

80 thin black candles;
coins from different countries;
white wool thread;
your volt.
The ritual is performed at midnight with a full moon.

Draw a wide circle on the floor with chalk. It will protect you from the world of the dead, but it will allow you to use their energy. Until you finish the ritual, you can't leave the circle!
Make 40 candles together, place them in a circle in front of you, and place the coins.
The remaining 40 candles should be placed around the room so that all the dark corners are illuminated.
Sit in a circle with your hands on your knees, palms up, and your volt on them.
Say it 40 times:
«Iam aathat iushes gaily mumhan vases tut am. Raais kulla abakaam abrakalam».
Take any coin at random, push it into the stomach of the volt. Fill the coin with wax from 40 burning candles.
Stand up and take a bow. So you will complete the ritual, the world of the dead will return to its limits, and you will be able to leave the circle. You don't need to put out the candles. They should burn themselves to the ground. If any entities remain in your room, the light of the candles will destroy them.

With this spell, you can transfer any disease to an empty doll. Disease, like magic, does not disappear. In order for it to leave one entity, it must be transferred to another.

For this ritual, you need to make an empty volt. It doesn't contain anyone's energy. This is a doll made of wax with sage added. Observe the gender, if you take the disease from a woman, make her Breasts, draw the genitals.

Fresh ribs of the animal — goats, cows, pigs, sheep;
a Shoe box covered with black paper on all sides;
white thread;
Performing the ritual.
This magic works with the world of the dead, so come to the cemetery. The older it is, the better.
Put a volt on the grave of a person who has the same name as the patient. You need to get on your knees, fasten the rib to the volt. Say it all the time:

"Iaam, Iaam (the person's name backwards). Sii Amada. Abrakalaam".
The volt is put in a black box, buried on the grave.
In this way, you have buried the disease where it can no longer harm anyone. In the next 24 hours, you need to burn a large piece of meat on the fire, at least 1 kilogram. This is a gift to the spirits for help. It is best to choose meat with blood. It should burn to ash.
Voodoo magic can create the appearance of love. In this way, you attract a person to you once and for all. One only feature — this spell does not pass over the years. Every year a person becomes more dependent on the person who imposed it. If you want to leave it, the person will simply die without you. Think three times before you do it.
What will be required for a love spell
You need to prepare:

1 thick black candle;
1 glass of red wine;
1 Cup of water;
a chicken's head.
Draw a circle with chalk in which you will sit down. As soon as you light a candle inside the circle, the ritual begins.

Have a glass of wine.
Drink a glass of water.
Take the head of the chicken in both hands, hold it on the flame of the fire so that it is not burned.
"I conjure you in the name of the all-Souled one.
I cast into the hell of antiquity:
longing, pain, suffering, worries about me.
And as you, o sky,
you pour an ocean of water in the form of rain,
so do you shed tears of sorrow for me:
days, years, nights, hours.
O all-Powerful one, give this soul(the name of the person on the contrary) to me!"

Open the chicken's mouth and extinguish the flame with it.
As soon as the candle is extinguished, the ceremony is over. The candle should be buried in the cemetery, and the head should be thrown where the beloved is most often. You can put it under the apartment door.

This magic is obtained by those who are not afraid to go the way of black magic. Try. Voodoo opens infinite horizons of Power to the practitioner.
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Creating a Voodoo doll.

How to make a Voodoo doll with your own hands: step-by-step instructions
We are in a "Witch Happiness" is not supported malicious witchcraft. Remember that harming another person can also affect you. However, the technology of making a Voodoo doll itself remains the same, no matter what purpose you make it for. Therefore, we still provide a description of the process.

To make a Voodoo doll yourself, you need to do the following:

Step 1. We clean the materials from which we will make a Voodoo doll.

Before you go directly to creating a Voodoo doll, you must make an energy neutralization of your existing materials, that is, clean them. Most of the raw materials, such as buttons, fabrics, glue, paints, beads, are not of natural origin, which means that before they get into your hands, they have already absorbed the energy of many other people. You can clean materials using salt, incense, sandalwood oil, or ordinary earth.
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How to learn Voodoo magic.

Preparations for the ceremony
You will need some auxiliary equipment. It can be herbs, aromatic oils, candles or components necessary to create voodoo dolls – rags of matter, thread, wax. Since voodoo magic is inextricably linked with the element of fire, we will start with candles.

voodoo magic-how to curse the enemy

Candle color must be selected in accordance with the planned ritual. Here is the color symbolism of voodoo:

White-spirituality and purity
Yellow-memory, intellectual abilities
Orange-ambition, desire to make a career
Red-strength and courage, energy, sexual attraction
Pink-tenderness, romance and love (love spells)
Lilac-calm, inner magical power
Violet - for the development of mental abilities
Light green – for good luck
Brown to acquire worldly goods
Silver – for astral influences
Before proceeding to the voodoo magic, ignite the candles of the selected color and watch the flame. If the candle goes out, it is desirable to postpone the ceremony, now is not a good time. If the flame flickers, it shows the indecision of the magician, the ritual may not work properly. A candle burning slowly and evenly, is a good sign that you can start.

How to curse your enemy
African voodoo magic has recipes that allow the caster to" steal " the health of his enemy. It is quite simple, but nevertheless effective method.

voodoo demon doll

1. Sew from scraps of two dolls (the similarity with the enemy do not have) and position them so that one of them hugging the other from behind. To the enemy, you need to add "anchor" - the hair or the nails of the offender. For its manufacture, you need to use black matter.

2. Take seven new needles (preferably bought on the decreasing moon). All needles must be the same length.

3. The first needle is to pierce through the head of the doll, which represents the offender. When you do this say the following spell: "I, (name of magician), shoot you down, firmly bind and mutilate your body (name the offender) as pierce, a tight bind and mutilate the body of this doll". When reading take the time spells – voodoo magic no vanity.

4. Thoroughly pierce the figure in the chest and say: "I Swear to you, (name of enemy), in the name of Satan, why not know your health and not to be alone!»

5. Stomach pierce doll the third needle, at the same time continue to cast a spell voodoo: "I Swear to you, (name of enemy), the forces of Black Magic that forces you to leave!".

6. Two needles sink into leg (thigh or calf) with the words "From this moment on you will be in my power!»

7. The last needles should stick to the feet of the doll and complete the spell with the following words: "you are firmly connected by the forces of my sorcery, and only I can free you!".

Since then, the offender will lose health and he will turn away luck. The figure should be stored in a place where no one can ever find it. If the caster wishes to forgive his enemy, he should pull the needle out of the doll and to dissolve it into shreds. Voodoo magic-science a dangerous. Do not perform this ritual if you are not confident in their abilities.

Voodoo love spell
It is necessary to make a rag doll (in her clothes should prevail red). Inside sew hair on who performed the spell.

voodoo love spell

Performing a ritual when the moon is waxing on the day of Venus (Friday). Need to shower, prepared a doll with cinnamon and read the text of the spell:

"I want cinnamon in my hand to kindle the flame in my heart (name) that I love. May he (she) not have peace of mind until he is reunited with me!»

This ritual should be repeated three Fridays in a row. It is necessary that during this time you were able to meet with a loved one. Wait for the sign that will give you fate. And do not forget that voodoo magic is insidious – a cooked doll must be carefully hidden so that it does not fall into the wrong hands.

Voodoo doll for financial success
This money spell should be used only in the case if you are really in dire need of money. For a ritual it is necessary to prepare a figure of green cloth, when making use threads Golden hue. As a filler, you need to take the crushed comfrey, Irish moss and parsley.

money bag

Inside, you have to put a few small coins, the seam until then leave it open. On a blank sheet of paper write down the amount you need now, as well as the exact time at which you want to get the money. The note is folded, placed inside the doll and sew seam. Talisman wrapped in cloth in gold and green tones.

To voodoo magic worked faster, should every day to lubricate the doll with fast luck oil. Here is its composition: mix equal parts of oil of cinnamon, oil of vanilla, crushed pyrite, samishii tincture, almond oil, alkanna dye and oil from grape seed. If you have no opportunity to prepare oil emergency good luck, you don't need to worry about this – the ritual will still work, but with some delay
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