Psilocybe Cubensis Mexican Dutch King Spore Print

Psilocybe Cubensis Mexican Dutch King Spore Print
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    Yet another crzy deal, we just can't stop! Here's another deal you cannot afford to pass up if you inted to grow you own colonies.

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    This strain is originally from Mexico, but has been cultivated in the Netherlands for so long the local variety earned a reputation of its own. Thus the name name of "Mexican Dutch King" was born. As far as performance, it really does seem to perform exceptionally well. This very well could be an isolation of the classic Mexi-Cub we are not sure. (If you were to compare it to another strain it would be comparable to Gulf Coast and Cambodia in size but with the added kick of a Mexican strain.) Mushrooms are fairly large, typically with 5-8cm caps so they may require a bit larger than typical cakes if grown on PF substrate. Easy to grow, very rhizomorphic during growth phase and extremely fast colonizers.

    Instructions are available upon request. We can let you know everything from how to make a spore syringe to growing a successful colony. This is the king pack for growing your own trip.

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