Operation SpecTor: Hundreds of Vendors Arrested

 Operation SpecTor delivered a resounding punch to the gut of the dark web's criminal underworld. More than 200 buyers and sellers of illicit goods have been apprehended globally, with an unprecedented haul of drugs weighing in at 850 kilograms, 117 firearms, and an eye-watering $53.4 million in cash and cryptocurrencies. The operation was expertly coordinated across three continents, with international law enforcement collaborating to bring these criminals to justice. Attorney General Merrick B. Garland's message is clear: there is no place to hide, and the Justice Department is coming for you. This operation sets a new standard of achievement in the fight against the dark web's drug trafficking, and criminals should beware that their days of anonymity are numbered. Operation SpecTor marks the biggest coordinated international response to the dark web to date, exceeding the previous successes of DisrupTor in 2020 and Dark HunTor in 2021, with respective arrests of 179 and 150. The masculine tone is one of strength and resoluteness in pursuit of justice.


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