UK Trio Manufactured and Sold Counterfeit Xanax Pills

 The three cunning London blokes have been caught red-handed, found guilty of a wicked conspiracy to craft and distribute fake pharmaceutical pills through the dark web. The group, comprised of 62-year-old Allen Valentine, his son Roshan, age 39, and Roshan's childhood mate, 40-year-old Krunal Patel, raked in a hefty sum of over $4.4 million from the fraudulent production and distribution of counterfeit Xanax and Diazepam pills. The police were tipped off by the DEA and began investigating this dodgy operation in January 2022. The crafty trio went unnoticed until the Cyber Crime Unit's surveillance team discovered their warehouse in West London, disguised as a logistics company. The investigators' observations revealed that the trio frequented the premises, with Patel seen leaving the warehouse often carrying large bags. The Cyber Crime Unit finally caught Patel carrying 15 drug packages addressed to buyers across the UK on August 17, 2022. Patel was arrested, and the investigators found an undisclosed number of "Xanax" and "Teva" pills on his person. Upon further investigation, the police found a fully equipped pills production lab and numerous crates filled with pills, all tested positive for Benzodiazepines. The investigators froze bank accounts holding over $4.4 million in cryptocurrency. Patel and Roshan pleaded guilty to the charges on February 10, 2023, but Allen, who ludicrously claimed to be a qualified pharmacist and doctor, entered a plea of not guilty. His ruse was quickly exposed, and he was found guilty on May 9, 2023. Detective Constable Alex Hawkins commended the police department's cyber crime unit for their skill and dedication and stressed the dangers of fake pharmaceutical drugs sold on the dark web. These vile products, often containing toxic chemicals, pose a great risk to the unsuspecting buyer. The trio will face a confiscation hearing to hand over their illicit earnings, and sentencing dates have yet to be decided.

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