UK Woman Sentenced for Attempting to Hire a Hitman

 A cunning and ruthless Norfolk woman was slammed with a seven-and-a-half-year jail stint for plotting a hit on her former flame through the Dark Web. The mother of five, Helen Hewlett, shelled out a solid $20,000 in Bitcoin to hire a killer, who she hoped would carry out the dirty deed and make it look like an accident. She even supplied the victim's picture, name, and address to the 'Online Killers Market' - the fraudulent site she used to contact the hired gun. Her appetite for murder was evident as she had bookmarked three other murder-for-hire sites on her phone. The cyber-crime squad took note, tracked down her crypto currency activity, and linked the payment transactions to her. The jury had no problem finding her guilty of soliciting murder and stalking after hearing about her desperate and obsessive attempts to rekindle a flame with the victim. As part of her punishment, she will be under strict supervision for five years post-release. Don't mess with the Dark Web, folks.


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